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Gongsters Paradise Lineup

Gongsters Paradise: A Stronger Force

May 4th, 2019

The Gongster's Strike Back!  The only kulintang music festival in North America happens for the second time with new artists sharing new kulintang inspirations, returning artists debuting new gong-tastic records, exclusive threads, exciting eats, and the company of similar minded kulintang enthusiasts.

Get a VIP ticket and receive an exclusive advance copy of the new Kulintronica EP "Escape Velocity."

Album Release Party



It was a long time coming! Kulintronica album is finally here! I know, I know... We've been waiting for this for too long. But what can I do? I like banging the gong, 'til the break of gong. Get it? 



So stop lagging and get your tickets. We'll have fun, we won't hear crickets! I'm hoping to see you all there and celebrate this huge milestone in my music career. 



PS: The music on the album has an EXCLUSIVE listening experience that cannot be heard in any internet version!




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