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Kulintronica Music Videos

Music Videos to share and watch. Keep the Kulintronica Spirit in music and video! 
Over 7000 Planets 
by: Kulintronica

Electronic dance music featuring live performance on the kuilntang, gong instrument from the Southern Philippines. Filmed in the Spring of 2013 in a bunker hidden between the rolling California hills and San Francisco Bay.

"Over 7000 Planets" is part of the upcoming full-length album KULINTANG ELECTRONICA and it features a "Binalig" kulintang piece arranged with guitars, synthesizers, an octavina from the Filipino rondalla, and a pulsing house beat.

River Clouds
by: Kulintronica ft. Waway Saway


Artist, musician, and instrument-inventor Waway Saway stopped in San Francisco after his performance at Lincoln Center New York and collaborated with Ron "Kulintronica" for a technology infused jam session. Waway effortlessly blended his TAMBULELENG, a two-stringed lute, with Kulintronica's many live loops (a kubing hand carved by Saway and gifted to Kulintronica, guitar, bass, synthesizers) for performances at San Francisco's Yerba Buena Center for the Arts, the Asian Heritage Street Celebration, and the Fullerton Filipino Center in Sonoma. Before leaving they went into Xubee Music studios to record the unique arrangement of Saway's song "River Clouds," while filming the process.

"River Clouds" is now available for download on iTunes and a portion of the proceeds from the sale of this record will be donated to the Philippine Red Cross for Typhoon Haiyan aid.

Calling My Name
by: Kulintronica ft. Kristine Sina

from the upcoming full length album "Kulintang Electronica"

by: Kulintronica ft. Romeo Candido 

Here is a very special performance of "Suns" from the Kulintronica bunker East of San Francisco featuring Romeo Candido of Toronto's own new kulintang music act, DATU. Hope you enjoy this coming together of East and West Coasts for the purpose of kulintangan.

Calling My Name (Unplugged)
by: Kulintronica ft. Kristine Sina 

An unplugged, lyrical rendition of "Calling My Name" performed without any computers, automation, or drum machines, punctuated with lyrical dance.

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